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Deeper Delve

Join the writers and producers of Chaldea as they take a deeper delve into the mythology of Chaldea.

Rules of Godship 101
We literally wrote the book on playing gods in RPG's -- The Primal Order. Peter and Steve explain how gods function in Chaldea.

A Deeper Delve into the backstory of the Drasildar, the unique species of Chaldea that were key to the conquest of Chaldea by Emperor Marcosta Kordaava.

Emperor Kordaava
The life, accomplishments, and death of Emperor Marcosta Kordaava. It's his death that sets the premise for our series, "What happens to an empire when the god-emperor dies?"

Set and the Chaldean Gods
Is Set the only god in Chaldea? Hell no. He just wants you to think he is. Learn about the situation with the gods of Chaldea and how Set has pulled this off.

In the World of Chaldea, helkyries are former valkyries, corrupted by the Norse goddess, Hel.

Orc Nation
A deeper delve into Chaldea's orc culture.

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