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Council of Consuls

C O U N C I L  O F  C O N S U L S

The Kordavan Empire has a three-tiered power structure. At the top, of course, is Emperor Kordaava. At the bottom is the Imperial Senate, which is comprised of several hundred senators from across Chaldea. Between the emperor and the Imperial Senate is the Council of Consuls.

Imperial consuls are a subset of senators who oversee the day-to-day administrative burden of managing a worldwide empire. The consuls are elected by the senate from within their own ranks. Such elections must be approved by the emperor, and it’s required that consuls delegate their regional responsibilities in order to live and work fulltime in the Imperial capital of Saratof.

Each consul has a sphere of responsibility vested to them by the emperor, who can override them at his discretion. The consuls meet on a regular basis—at least monthly, though more often as needed.

The Imperial consuls and their responsibilities, office holders, and nationalities are as follows:

The Imperial Consul of the Military. Technically, the legati of each legion reports to the emperor, but as a practical matter, the activities of the legion must be centrally organized by this consul. Traditionally, this position is held by the legatus of the 1st Legion, currently Tarsis of Hakhamanesh.

The Imperial Consul of Taxation Policy. Responsible for setting Imperial and regional tax rates throughout the Empire. As long as Imperial taxes are flowing smoothly, regional governments are free to levy regional taxes up to the limits set by the Imperial Consul of Taxation Policy. Currently held by Anton Laurits IV of Roosh.

The Imperial Consul of Revenues. Responsible for collecting Imperial tax revenues throughout the Empire. This includes the authority to manage appropriate operations throughout the Empire as required to assess and collect said taxes. (Regional governments are not generally entrusted with Imperial tax collection.) Currently held by Afanasy Chudakov of Roosh.

The Imperial Treasurer. Responsible for monitoring the revenues and expenditures of the Imperial government. This office tracks all monetary flow between various offices, revenues versus forecast, and expenditures versus forecast. Tax revenues are controlled by the Imperial Treasurer, who allocates funds to various departments in the government according to budgets approved by the emperor. Currently held by Grantal Geldzahn, head of the dwarven Clan Geldzahn.

The Imperial Consul of Economics. Required to monitor the health of various economic sectors throughout the Empire and provide reports on the economy as required by the emperor. Regional governments cooperate with the Imperial Consul of Economics by providing local economic data as requested. Currently held by Thomas Swift of Aimilleuse.

The Grand Vizier. Responsible for advising the emperor on matters related to the supernatural and for creating or updating any laws related to the supernatural, such as the practice of magic or control of the undead. Currently held by the elder dragon Lalfroth.

The Imperial Consul of Commerce. In charge of issuing licenses for international commerce and for creating and updating laws related to the same. Currently held by Ramzi Ka’adir Kalib of Somacia.

The Menbit of Set. Responsible for the spiritual well-being of the world’s citizens, both now and in the afterlife. Is also responsible for creating and updating laws governing the practice of religion and is authorized to collect tithes. Currently held by Hulsan of Ta Shemau.

The Imperial Consul of the Central Bank. Responsible for all banking operations in the Empire. Creates and updates relevant laws and issues licenses to banks and monitors their practices. Also manages the minting of Emperor’s Gold Sovereigns and exchange rates with various local currencies. Currently held by Garl Steadfast, head of the dwarven Clan Steadfast.

The Imperial Consul of Transportation. Responsible for building and maintaining the Coastal Highway and is responsible for maintaining safety standards for passenger and cargo transportation in coastal waters. Currently held by Endo Ginaz of Asianic.

The Imperial Consul of Civic Development. Responsible for building monuments dedicated to the glory of Emperor Kordaava and other large civic works. Currently held by the Tannaluvian Sibyl Serrari.

The Imperial Consul of Cartography. Responsible for maintaining accurate maps of the Empire. Oversees survey teams and cartographers and is responsible for advising the emperor on border disputes. Currently held by Servius Strabo Castus of Roosh.

The Imperial Consul of Law and Justice. Oversees the development of Imperial laws and the legal system, courts, and judges required to enforce those laws. Currently held by Woutan of Hesse.

The Imperial Consul of the Penal Code. Oversees the punishment and confinement of criminals or those awaiting trial for violations of Imperial law. Currently held by Fleming Stierna of Hakhamanesh.

The Imperial Consul of Public Health. Responsible for monitoring the efforts of various regional governments to care for their sick and disabled. Currently held by Xune of Pheles.

The Imperial Consul of Public Safety. Responsible for monitoring the efforts of various regional governments to police their populace and protect its citizens and lands from fire and other natural disasters. Currently held by Giolla Fitzgibbon of Frankia.

The Imperial Consul of Censorship. Responsible for guiding public thought toward the will of the emperor. Is responsible for censoring all public documents, speeches, and education toward truths the emperor wishes to create. Currently held by Janek Tihomir of Roosh.

The Senate Chair. Chairs the Senate and the Council of Consuls. Responsible for governance of both bodies. Currently held by Bogoslav Tihomir of Roosh.

The Imperial Consul of the Great Sea. Responsible for governing various islands that aren’t large enough to warrant kingdom status. Also has command of the Imperial Navy and administration over any matters relating to navigation of the Great Sea. Currently held by Claudius Carus of Perrin.


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