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Etharch Elves

E T H A R C H   E L V E S

Humans sometimes refer to the Etharch as “grey elves,” but this terminology is an immediate clue that the human has only a scant understanding of elven culture.

The Etharch are the nobility and warriors of elven kind. Where wilder elves tend to live as natives of the forest, Etharch enjoy the comfort of citadels. And where high elves are generally reclusive and prefer solitude, Etharch create communities. They are shipwrights, swordsmen, administrators, and riders and breeders of horses. They bear the responsibility of governance. In short, they are the elven kind most like humans.

Etharch elves view humans, dwarves, orcs, high elves, and dragons similarly to how a wilder elves do, yet they view wilder elves as the free spirits of elven kind. “I wish I could live such a carefree life, but someone must bear the burden of looking after our people” and “We serve to protect the lifestyles of our wilder elf brothers and sisters” are common refrains among Etharch elves.

In time, all elves struggle with grief. Watching endless tragedies unfold eventually takes a toll on even a seemingly ageless life. Grief manifests
in many ways, including sadness, bitterness, isolation, silence, or anger. In general, elves ameliorate their grief through the singing of sad laments, often in groups, or processions both elaborate and simple.


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